Monday, January 23, 2012

Nora Roberts - Table for Two & Carnal Innocence

Get two more books from the queen of Romance. To download Table for Two Click HERE
Carnal Innocence Click HERE

Strangers don't stay strangers for long in Innocence, Mississippi, as witty, urbane, and beautiful Caroline Waverly is quick to discover. Fame has taken its toll on the celebrated concert violinist, what with grueling tours and high-pressure performances, climaxing in an all-too-public breakup with the world-class conductor who is also her lover....

All Caroline wants from her stay in Innocence is a chance to be out of the spotlight--to live quietly in her family's secluded old bayou home with its lace-curtained windows and shady front porch. But what she is about to learn is that even in a town called Innocence secrets have no place to hide, and in the heat of a steamy summer night it only takes a single spark to ignite a deadly crime of passion....

For the sleepy bliss of Innocence is shattered forever by the deadly strikes of a killer at large, and Caroline falls under the spell of a town with a darkly deceptive nature...and a smooth-talking, irresistible Southern charmer named Tucker Longstreet whose seductive touch awakens her own carnal desires--and ensnares her in a killer's crazed dreams.

Table For Two proves a delectable gormandizing experience with two light-hearted Harlequin romance from Nora Roberts topped with her vast knowledge of Italian and French haute cuisine as a garnish.

Summer Desserts, the first story is about the fiercely independent French chef Summer Lyndon finding herself attracted to smarmy and suave hotelier Blake Cochran. Love conflicts with Summer's career and causes an avalanche of control issues in a dramatic high.

The more enjoyable fare turns out to be Lessons Learned when notorious skirt-chaser Carlo Franconi unwittingly surrenders to Juliet Trent, his publicist who finds a heart behind his devastating facade. It is fluffy romance with a dose of humor and fairy-tale charm. The insecurities of Juliet and his reputation as a playboy proves disastrous for their fragile trust.


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Absolutely love this site! Chanced upon it after afranticsearch on my iPad! It rocks - period.

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I love u!!!! ehehehe..

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