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The phone call came on a snowy December afternoon. Kate was certain it was Joe, the brilliant, visionary man who had been her soulmate, her driving force since the night they met, almost thirty-four years before. What she got was the one call she had never wanted, and didn't expect.
As the snow continued to fall, Kate's mind drifted back, to the moment when she and Joe first met. She had been just seventeen and he was young, powerful, dazzling, and different from any man she'd ever known.
It was just days before Christmas, 1940. The war is raging in Europe when Kate Jamison makes her debut in New York City. In a room filled with the scions of East Coast society and the leading political figures of the day, it is Joe Allbright who catches Kate's eye.
At twenty-nine, Joe is the brilliant protege of Charles Lindbergh, and already a legend in flying circles for his record-breaking speed and state-of-the-art airplane designs. All Kate sees is a tall, strikingly handsome man who seems at once awkward and larger-than-life, like a shining star -- just out of reach. Joe, too, is caught off balance by his response to Kate, seeing in this beautiful young woman vitality and youth, the lifelong soulmate he never expected to find.

The World War II love affair between lovely Frenchwoman Solange Bertrand and American GI-turned-actor Sam Walker burned too brightly and ended in tragedy, leaving their three young daughters orphaned. Megan, the youngest, adopted by a loving family, grows up to be a doctor in Appalachia. Alexandra, adopted by a wealthy family, marries a powerful man with an impeccable pedigree. Hilary, the oldest (and the only one who remembers her sisters), enters the sordid world of foster care before going out on her own to work her way up to being a New York news producer. In the pursuit of success and stability, Hilary foregoes building a personal life, especially when her efforts to locate her sisters hit a dead end. But when high-priced private investigator John Chapman is hired to reunite the three sisters, the secrets and lies that kept the women apart--and bound them together--are revealed and the love only sisters can share blossoms again. A heartwarming tale by master storyteller Danielle Steel

Bill Thigpen, writer producer of the No.1 daytime TV drama was so busy watching his career soar that he never noticed his marriage collapse. Now, nine years later, living alone in Hollywood, even without his wife and kids, his life and success are still reasonably sweet. Top-of-the-chart ratings, good-natured casual affairs, and special vacations with his two young sons. His life is in perfect balance, he thinks.
Adrian Townshed thought she had everything: a job she liked as a TV production assistant and a handsome husband who was a rising star in his own field. In as enviable life they'd worked hard for -- the American Dream. Until she got pregnant. Suddenly all she had was chaos. And Steven's ultimatum. Him or the baby. The question was: did he mean it? He did.

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