Monday, December 28, 2009


Hello Guys, Compliments of the Season to you all. For those that posted

their requests, pls note that I have made a compilation of the requests

and in a couple of days I will start uploading the books.


Yahoozee said...

'preciate the gud work. If U have Peter Abrahams
Robert Ludlum
Wilbur Smith
Sidney Sheldon
Micheal crichton
Tom Clancy
Eric Van Lustbader'novels, will U pls upload 'em?

Anonymous said...

hello...i had read The Promise of danielle steel when i was still in college in UP diliman.i have not had any copy of it.please if you have, can you please upload it for me?i appreciate it very much :) thank you

pogo said...

Hi! I am desperately searching for the book 'Love Signs' and 'Sun Signs' by Linda Goodman.
appreciate a ton if you can upload these.
Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

If you have Gaeben Foley..please.
specially lord of ice...and other
thanks a lot...god bless you