Friday, September 18, 2009

DBrown - The Lost Symbol

The much awaited sequel to the Davinci Code is finally out. The Lost Symbol is the latest work of best selling author Dan Brown. Click on link below. You need to unzip the file after dloading.

The book's story takes place over a period of 12 hours in Washington, D.C., with a focus on Freemasonry. Langdon is summoned to Washington to give a lecture, apparently by his mentor, a Mason named Peter Solomon. However instead of an audience for his lecture he finds the severed right hand of Peter Solomon. Langdon begins a rapid chase through the basement of the Capitol building, solving a series of cryptic clues. He joins forces with Solomon's sister, Noetic scientist Dr. Katherine Solomon, while matching wits with Mal'akh, a tattooed, self-castrated and brilliant villain who is in search of an ancient source of power. The climax takes place in a Masonic Lodge. Mal'akh believes he has the "lost symbol". His death minutes later has a description of his soul being received by devils. The final chapters reveal more about the "lost symbol", and the book ends with the word "Hope".
Click here for the book

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hello Khay
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